CHEER UP LOVE is a DIY publication for angry feminists, made by us ^ (Chloe and Selma).

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, anxious and angry a lot of the time, we set out to create a space that could be a source of healing for us and everyone else who’s trying to exist and do their best in a weighty world. We see your anger, we see your passion, we see your power, and CHEER UP LOVE is our offering to you.

In each issue you will find words and artworks to inspire and challenge, things to make and get creative with, actions to soothe and calm you and recipes for nourishing yourself.

We make the zine* collaboratively, inviting ideas and submissions from brilliant womxn to create a platform for voices and personal experiences that we don’t hear enough of. We take a wide view of feminism and how it can dismantle all systems of oppression, so our topics go beyond those easily identified as “women’s issues”. Feminism that serves the needs of one narrow group is useless – we want a feminism that works to protect the most vulnerable people in society, not just those who look and sound like us.

We look for words that are: Intersectional // Kind // Honest // Positive // Thoughtful // Funny // Personal // Challenging // Unafraid // Active // Self-aware // Body positive

We stay away from words that are: Mean // Patronising // Privilege blind // Exclusionary

*a handmade publication, usually self-published, riffing off the word ‘magazine’.