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6 thoughts on “readers’ responses

  1. So good to see young women taking the struggle forward, and in such an imaginative way too; we still have some way to go for women to be treated equally and your work is essential. I am angry that in my fifties now I see young women still upset about some of the issues that should have been eradicated ages ago. In some ways, things have got worse with neo-liberalism (and its commodification of human beings, especially women) being accepted as if there is no other way? So keep this up please and know that many people support you and feel liberated by this action you have taken to supply us with lots of funny, thoughtful, touching and life-giving material. I must say the Grenfell Tower article (Fight the power) in your last issue was the best I have ever read about that tragedy. I intend to use it with my university students doing Education Studies, as it also links well with Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed 🙂


    1. Thank you Karima – your words mean such a lot and we’re so glad to have your support. I’ve got myself a copy of Friere and look forward to learning about it myself. xx


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